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Together with Childbirth Educators, our mission is to provide the best baby products on the market to new and expecting mothers across Canada. 

Distributing thousands of free samples to new and expecting mothers monthly, StorkPak would love for you to be part of our sampling program. 

Let's spread the Stork together!

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Mama, this is for you!

Want to get a hold of our StorkPak Box filled with samples for you and baby to try?

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Our Partner Brands

Sudocrem Diaper Rash Cream


Aleva Naturals Skin Care Products

Aleva Naturals


Dreambaby - Growing Safety


Infacol Helps treat Infant Colic


Dapple Baby - Made without any bad stuff

Dapple Baby

Isocol Hand Sanitizer


We Protect You, All of you PPE needs

We Protect You


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